The ESP Furler is designed for the cruiser looking for an easy-to assemble furler with an elegant design. Install a Harken® ESP Furler and trim safely from the cockpit when it blows; unfurl instead of motoring when it’s light, for a great day of sailing.

To make assembly easier, Harken offers top foils in five precut lengths—no hacksaw required. An adjustable bottom foil fine-tunes the unit. Foils slip over most existing headstays without cutting the headstay, reducing set-up time even more.

Spool is made from Hard Lube anodized aluminum. Cover, flange, and guard are molded from glass-reinforced polymers for a high strength-to-weight ratio. Foils are clearcoat-anodized for durability. The stainless steel feeder is strong and durable.

The long leg extension kit raises the drum to clear the anchor, reduce sail chafe, and increase visibility for smooth sailing. Choose the long leg kit when using a standard turnbuckle with swage, Norseman, or Sta-Lok® terminals. Removable clamp screws allow legs to pivot out of the way for easy access to the turnbuckle.

Choose the short leg extension kit when the furler attaches directly to a marine eye at the bottom of the stay. Short legs allow the sail to be closer to the deck.

Sta-Lok® is a registered trademark of Sta-Lok Terminals, Ltd.

Harken ESP Unit 0


Harken® jib reefing and furling systems are the best in the world. They are aboard more than 50,000 oceangoing yachts, coastal cruisers, and around-the-world racers. 

MKIII jib reefing and furling systems are strong, lightweight, and aerodynamic. They feature free-rolling Torlon® bearings, computer-designed stacked bearing races, and large diameter drums for easy reefing and furling. Free-spinning, high-strength Air Swivels® reduce weight aloft to minimize pitching and heeling. Independent head and tack swivels shape the sail when partially furled. Deep penetration Hardkote anodizing ensures years of corrosion resistance. 

MKIII jib reefing and furling systems come with New England low-stretch Sta-Set black line and are designed for owner installation. 

Seven-year limited warranty.

Harken-MKIII Furler Unit 0

Harken MKIII Furler Unit 1


MKIV furling systems are strong, lightweight and aerodynamic, with the performance and features Harken® is known for. Longevity, ease of use, and simplicity of installation are crucial components of the design. 

These free-rolling furlers make all the difference in headsail control by allowing racers and cruisers to quickly furl and reef from the safety of the cockpit, while maintaining great sail shape and optimal speed.

Schaefer Furling and Reefing systems are legendary for their ability to perform under the most adverse conditions. All of our furlers use 
Torlon™ bearings in machined races to assure smooth operation. Trust Schaefer Furling to add a whole new dimension to your foretriangle.

Strength is just the beginning of why a Schaefer furler is the best furling system available. From years of research, we've developed a combination of features that rival any furler, at any price. That's because we've designed in, and improved, all the useful features of the world's best rated furlers and eliminated the ideas that didn't make sense.

The result is a furler that's not only strong, it's also easy to control, smooth and reliable.

Schaefer Snapfurl CF500 Headsail Furler

Schaefer Snapfurl CF700 Headsail Furler

Products designed to meet your needs

Profurl offers a wide range of manual furling systems. Whatever your sailing program (cruising, racing, off shore), the size of your boat, the Profurl systems will meet your requirements A comprehensive range of systems

Find out our 3 ranges of manual furling systems:

  • The Cruising range: with 10 models, the Cruising range offers robustness and safety, it is dedicated to boats from 5 to 26m.
  • The Racing range: these models have been especially designed for the racing-cruising sailors and are dedicated to boats from 6 to 20m
  • The Below deck range: an aesthetic solution enabling easier operations with anchor at the foredeck.

The Profurl benefits

  • A wide range of reefing systems 
  • One forestay diameter for one furling system
  • Several fitting options
  • Maintenance free ball bearings
  • Insulation of the different materials
  • Light and robust extrusions
  • 10 year world wide limited warranty

Profurl C290 Manual Reefing System