Amazing Goop Marine Epoxy Paste

Marine (formerly Marine FIX® FAST) Epoxy Paste is designed for extra fast emergency repairs. High-impact resistance ensures superior performance under continuous pounding in marine environments, even under water! This two-part epoxy forms to any shape and bonds to multiple surfaces. Marine (formerly Marine Fix Fast) is available in Net Wt 4.0 oz (113.4 g) kit.

  • Versatile:   Bonds to fiberglass, wood, aluminum and metals.
  • Resistant:   Resists water, chemicals, fuel, alcohol, grease. Withstands heat up to 190 °F / 88 °C.
  • Apply:   Use above and below waterline.
  • Fast drying:   Sets in 5 minutes @ 70 °F / 21 °C and dries completely in 20 minutes.
Use Marine to:
  • Repair dry rot and gel coat blisters.
  • Permanently fill gouges, cracks, and holes.
  • Fix and strengthen damaged metal.

p/n 1480400024