Aqua-Tek Acid Based Hull Cleaner

Aqua-Tek Acid Based Hull Cleaner 32oz  Hull cleaner– Prodfessional is an extremely powerful, acid-based cleaner.It removes algae, greasy and oily residue, stubborn black stains, rust stains, scum, zebra mussels, and barnacles quickly and effectively from boat hulls. 


  • Powerful cleaning action removes the most stubborn stains
  • Thickened formula ensures more product is available for cleaning and less is wasted by run-off
  • Very fast cleaning action
  • Phosphate-free
  • Easy to rinse
This cleaner may not be suitable for use on metal boats. Avoid prolonged contact with engine and drive parts.Wearing of rubber gloves, goggles and acid resistant clothing is recommended.


p/n 9687151010


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