Jabsco Par-Max 1 Water System Pump

The JABSCO Par-Max 1 series pumps are available as automatic and manual demand pumps. The 42630-2900 will automatically turn on when a fixture is opened and turn off when all fixtures are closed. The 42631-2900 is a manual demand pump for use with an electric faucet.

When starting up an automatic demand pump with a completely dry system, allow time for the demand pump to fill the system. Open a faucet, allow air to vent and close faucet when water flow is steady. Faucet strainers and aerators should be cleaned regularly.

Miniature multi-outlet water pressure pump serves 1 or 2 3/8" outlets at any one time. 1.1 gpm open flow output. Self-priming up to 5 feet. Dual diaphragm operation. Thermal overload protection automatically stops motor should it overheat due to overload, with auto restart feature. Diaphragm design allows dry running. Pressure switch cut-in 22 psi, cut-out 35 psi. Connections for 3/8" ID hose and slip-on 1/2" bushings. 12 volt dc, 4 amp fuse, automatic pump.

Flow rate: 1.1 gallons/min
Self-priming from dry up to 1m (4ft)


  • Self-Priming
  • Dry Running
  • Automatic Operation 42630-2900
  • Manual Demand 42631-2900
  • Meets U.S.C.G. Electrical Requirements


  • Pump Two chamber opposed double diaphragm design
  • Port(s) 3/8" hose barb
  • Voltage 12 Vdc
  • Amp Draw 1.9 amp
  • Fuse Size 4 amp
  • Motor Permanent Magnet, Thermally Protected, Intermittent Duty